Bibio’s Remix Of Dorian Concept’s “Ann River, Mn” Is A Wistful Dream

Check out the English producer’s latest static lullaby.

February 25, 2015

Multifaceted producer Dorian Concept's Joined Ends LP from last year explored many moods, and "Ann River, Mn" was a track that balanced contemplation with wily beatcraft; English dreamer Bibio, then, has taken the tune a step further with his trademark cyclical acoustic guitars, flipping DC's original into a beautifully static lullaby titled, for brevity's sake, "Ann River." It's from a Joined Ends remix EP that's out April 6/7 via Ninja Tune.

"To me it feels like 'Ann River, Mn' is one of the centerpieces of Joined Ends," Dorian Concept told FADER in an email. "It was one of the last tracks I finished in the production process, so looking back it captures the feeling of completion quite well. I guess due to that fact it made sense to use it as an opener on the album—as it sums up what the album's about aesthetically. The unresolved tension is something i love about it still.

The main hook was written on my way to lake Mille Lacs in Minnesota when visiting family back home in the states. I sent Bibio "Ann River Mn" a while back already, even before I knew if it was going to be on the album or not. With it being one of his favorite songs on the record, I knew he was going to do something special with it. I absolutely love the twist he gave the song, and i'm amazed by how he was able to transform its sorrow into joy. It feels like a wiser and more positive counterpart."

Bibio’s Remix Of Dorian Concept’s “Ann River, Mn” Is A Wistful Dream