10 Classic Girl Groups That Slayed Tomboy Style

From The Shirelles to TLC and back.

February 25, 2015

We all know that tomboy style is more than just a trend, but it says something about society that's it's still newsworthy when women wear pants on the red carpet. Girl groups—here meaning everything from The Shirelles to TLC—were pioneering menswear-as-womenswear long before the Haim girls were stunting in suits. Some of our favorite vintage fashion moments, below.

1. The Shangri-Las were wearing ivory vests and pussy bows in the '60s.

Keystone / Getty Images

2. The Supremes normally wore gowns but looked rad in matching olive suits and ties

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

3. The Crystals were sweethearts in low-key '70s looks

Evening Standard / Getty Images

4. The Pointer Sisters looked chic in tailored separates

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5. SWV owned '90s streetwear in their "I'm So Into You" video

6. Jade looked badass in trousers, suspenders, and snapbacks

7. Total rocked oversized leather like no boy band could

8. Xscape always looked badass (especially watch the "Just Kickin' It" video)

9. The Spice Girls should've worn more suits and less sequins

Frederick Brown / Getty Images

10. And finally, who can forget TLC in these incredible condom-adorned denim overalls?

Lead Image: Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Posted: February 25, 2015
10 Classic Girl Groups That Slayed Tomboy Style