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Tom Demac’s “Smoke Stained Ivories” Is A Melodic Techno Treat

Title track from the Londoner’s new EP will have you dreaming of the weekend.

February 25, 2015

Here's a fresh one from Londoner Tom Demac, whose harsh remix of Gazelle Twin's "GUTS" gave us the motherfucking heebie jeebies a few weeks ago. "Smoke Stained Ivories" is far smoother and more melodic, a winding tune with a shuffling backbeat and a very toothy synth line that reminds me of Nottingham producer Lone's wonderful creations. It's the title track to his new EP for Aus, which sees release on March 16. "Despite the fact I'm an avid chain smoker, the name 'Smoke Stained Ivories' is not a description of my nashers—despite what most Americans think about The Brits and their teeth, I've got a pretty decent set," Demac rather humorously told FADER in an email. "I layered this song on a combination of analogue drum machines, synths and batting around on a table with some drumsticks. The track name is actually referencing the hours spent hammering away on my synth keys!"

Lead image: Katie Bruce

Tom Demac’s “Smoke Stained Ivories” Is A Melodic Techno Treat