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Jeremy Scott’s New Collection Expertly Channels ‘90s Hip-Hop Fashion

An unapologetic rip of Iceberg and Cross Colours

February 26, 2015

Where Jeremy Scott's spring vision for Moschino was full Barbie dreamhouse, his concept for fall is like something out of a Kid N Play movie or a Kris Kross video. Emblazoned with various Looney Tunes characters and baseball uniform stripes, Scott's looks paired basketball shorts with crop tops, six panels, and Flava Flav-style clock necklaces. The clothes were sporty and wearable but also unapologetically derivative; there's something slightly strange about seeing a skinny blonde model stroll out in layers of heavy gold chains and patchwork denim. For Scott, the line between sincerity and irony has always been razor thin, but does a collection that looks like Iceberg or Cross Colours but costs a hundred times more take it a little too far? Browse a few pics from the show below and decide for yourself.

Lead Image: Pietro D'Aprano / Getty Images.

Posted: February 26, 2015
Jeremy Scott’s New Collection Expertly Channels ‘90s Hip-Hop Fashion