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Yung Lean And Thaiboy Take A Very Wintery Walk In New “Diamonds” Video

The new video for hypothermic Tiger cut “Diamonds” reminds us that snow can be beautiful.

March 02, 2015

Yung Lean and Thaiboy Digital wake up in a the middle of a crisp Scandinavian snowscape—a far cry from the grimy streams of sludge that are New York sidewalks this morning—in this nice new video for "Diamonds," a hypothermic Whitearmor-produced cut off Thaiboy's recent Tiger mixtape. Filmed outside of Stockholm with what appears to be a significantly higher production value than usual, it follows the Sad Boy crew leader and his fellow internet MC through snow dusted barrens, frozen fjords, and tall forests to a cozy cabin which they snuggle up in.

In related news, Yung Lean has launched a heartfelt Change.org petition to keep Thaiboy (real name: Thanapat Thaothawong) from being deported from Sweden. "He's released music more inspirational than anyone in the last ten years and he has performed at the royal swedish theatre," writes Lean. "I love him like my brother and he needs to stay." 9,000 people have already signed, join them here.

Yung Lean And Thaiboy Take A Very Wintery Walk In New “Diamonds” Video