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Harriet Premieres A Juicy, Surreal Video For “Irish Margaritas”

Perfect for the coming thaw.

March 03, 2015

With its bouncy synths and infectious chorus, "Irish Margaritas" is significantly more lighthearted than Los Angeles-based band Harriet's previous offerings, and it's perfect for the coming thaw. "In a lot of ways 'Irish Margaritas' was an effort to shirk off some of our self seriousness, and take a dip into some of our lighter influences," Harriet's lead vocalist, Alex Casnoff, told FADER over email. He also directed and edited the video. "A good portion of me is still 13 years old, so I think that's who directed the video." I still don't know what an Irish margarita is, but I'm feeling lines like one more drink and I might bite you on the shoulder, and I really want the beautiful, melty video—premiering above—projected at the next party I go to. Harriet's self-titled EP is out now on Harvest.

Posted: March 03, 2015
Harriet Premieres A Juicy, Surreal Video For “Irish Margaritas”