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Autechre Hacked Their Own Discogs, And It’s Incredible

The electronic pioneers prank the ‘net.

March 04, 2015

UK electronic vets Autechre are practically pioneers, in that they've made a career out of making sounds that don't sound like they could really come from anyone else; in their hands, percussive samples become drill-bit weapons, synths become broken cuckoo-clocks, and breakbeats turn into squishy globs of steel. They are, in a word, unpredictable—which makes this so goddamn cool. If you clicked on that link, what you'll see is essentially a replica of Autechre's Discogs page, with music playing over it; the longer you stay on the page and scroll up and down, the more the page mutates into a technological nightmare that is very awesome to lose yourself in.

Some easter eggs to find in there: the techno-prank apparently doubled as promo for 2013's L-Event EP (QR Code-like cover art above) but still exists on the internet, like most things on the internet—and the URL for the page includes the word "fartist," which fellow Warp artist Aphex Twin's proven fond of. Check it out here; it's worth at least ten minutes of your day, IMO.

Autechre Hacked Their Own Discogs, And It’s Incredible