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This Video Of 2 Chainz Smoking An Enormous Bowl Is Amazing

“It was almost so fancy you didn’t even want to smoke it,” says the rapper, “but you know me—fuck. that.”

March 04, 2015

2 Chainz gets extremely and extravagantly high on the season two kickoff of his GQ web series Most Expensivest Shit. With medical-cannabis consultant to the stars Dr. Dina by his side, Tauheed indulges in a blunt rolled with handmade 24-karat gold papers (goes for 2 for $20) and hits an enormous pipe that Dr. Dina's packed with the world's most expensive weed ($800 an ounce). "It was almost so fancy you didn't even want to smoke it," he says afterwards, "but you know me—fuck. That."

Earlier this year, 2 Chainz half-seriously stumped for marijuana legalization on HLN's Nancy Grace. Reached by Rolling Stone, the show's vehemently anti-drug host had this to say about his adventures in opulence: "$800 for an ounce of Loud? Really? That alone should be a felony — the 24-carat gold paper is definitely an aggravating circumstance!," Grace tells Rolling Stone. "The caviar of joints? For someone as smart and educated as 2 Chainz, this video is even more ironic. 2 Chainz won't allow his children to have caffeine: not even a soda. (P.S., I don't either.) Wait until his children spot this video on the Internet. Explain that, Daddy!"

This Video Of 2 Chainz Smoking An Enormous Bowl Is Amazing