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Pixelord’s “Berlin” Is The Best Burial Tune You’ll Hear All Day

The first tune from the Moscow producer’s new LP, Places.

March 05, 2015

Moscow producer Pixelord is a man of many sonic moods, but on "Berlin" he gets deep and deeply pretty, giving a high-definition bassline a proper workout with piano stabs and a wistful vocal sample that's reminiscent of some of Burial's best work. The tune's taken from his new LP Places, which sees release on March 31 via Hyperboloid. "This is a first track from my album called Places. The album is dedicated to a few cities that i love and somehow related to me," Pixelord told FADER in an email. "Berlin is one of the most exciting places. I have been there for a few times, played on Leisure System event in Berghain, celebrated NYE and lost my wallet with all the fee from a gig. But Its all happened in a different times, not one trip. Berlin is definitely a romantic, mellow city, a bit melancholic, very important in electronic music culture and my own music career. I tried to reflect all that in my track."

Lead image: Olya Eichenbaum

Pixelord’s “Berlin” Is The Best Burial Tune You’ll Hear All Day