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Mitski Gets Animated In The Video For “Townie”

Watch the colorful video for the Bury Me At Makeout Creek tune.

March 09, 2015

Mitski's Don Giovanni-released Bury Me At Makeout Creek was a late entry for one of the stronger indie rock records of 2014, and now the album's getting a reissue on April 7. Yay! With that news comes a video for the excellently crunchy "Townie," which serves to illustrate the song's lyrics and then some. "It's about being a girl with a feeling like she should be going somewhere, doing something, taking something big for herself, but always ending up just going to the same parties and doing stupid things over and over because that's the only way she knows how to find release, and the only role she knows how to fill," Mitski told FADER in an email. "It's about being stuck, being impatient, being bored to death, being angry with what you've been given, and being young and soft and defiant inside and not knowing what to do with that."

"The lyric 'I'm not what my daddy wants me to be' inspired the whole video for me, Faye Orlove, the director for "Townie," told FADER in an email. "Those words resonated really deeply within my own life and brought back a lot of visual memories. I drew tiny scenes of pizza boxes and tampons and balloons blowing in the wind. Things that remind me of moments growing up. Moments letting people down. Moments figuring myself out. The video was an honor to work on. It's one of my absolute favorite songs and to this day the one thing I've created that I'm most proud of."

Mitski Gets Animated In The Video For “Townie”