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Ruckazoid Gets Smooth With “Love Me Love Me Love Me”

Listen to the synth-pop wizard’s new tune now.

March 09, 2015

Synth-pop wizard Ruckazoid's "Love Me Love Me Love Me" flows like butter poured over the finest analog equipment, with Ruck's velvety pipes perfectly riding the jagged synths and straight-up trippy programing that he's built a name on. The track's taken from his Scratchgod 1 EP, which features a number of improvised tracks built out of vinyl scratching and will see release tomorrow via DJ Shadow's Liquid Amber imprint. Here's what Ruck had to say to FADER about the EP itself:

"Everybody's a DJ today, but all they do is pump their fist and play the same songs. It made me so sleepy, so every night before I slept, I said a prayer to SCRATCHGOD™. One day I awoke with a record by my feet, I played it and a voice that made the entire room vibrate said I had inherited 3 abilities. The first was the ability to crush any DJ, but I could only use this power for good. The second was the ability to scratch any record and make it better with the flick of my wrist The third was the ability to get any girl I desired by scratching this record 10 times back & forth while staring at her. I'm thankful everyday that SCRATCHGOD™ lives through me."

Ruckazoid Gets Smooth With “Love Me Love Me Love Me”