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Dumb Out To Tokyo Hands’ “Stupid Pop Music”

Listen to the Charlotte-via-Berlin producer’s dizzying new track.

March 10, 2015

I've been the guy standing on my roof for two years, shouting at the top of my lungs, "Donky Pitch is one of the best electronic labels going right now"—and that's because they are! Almost literally everything they've released has been engaging, out of left field, and as toothily melodic as sucking down a strawberry shake with a mouth full of cavities. And here we are with another woozy stunner from Charlotte-via-Berlin producer Tokyo Hands' "Stupid Pop Music," a dizzying array of synths and drum programming that sounds as if you put one of those Glaswegian synth heavyweights in spin-cycle. It's from his forthcoming release Underbrush, which sees release on March 30 digitally and via USB stick (really). Not a man of many works, here's what TH had to say about this one: "The type of music I make when I'm gettin' it. But I'm always gettin' it." OK!

Lead image: Tonje Thilesen

Dumb Out To Tokyo Hands’ “Stupid Pop Music”