L.A. Producer Dreams Builds A Fantasy Club On “Terraform”

This style-hybridizing track is out now on Trax Couture’s World Series LP01 compilation.

March 11, 2015

"Terraform" is a word that on the surface seems vaguely sci-fi, but turns out to have an amazingly specific definition: it's the process of transforming another planet to make it more like earth, hospitable to humans. Today we're sharing a style-hybridizing track of that title by Dreams, an L.A. producer and founder of Private Selection records. Drawing together disparate bits of techno, grime, and house, the track resonates with its title in that the patterns and sequences seem to outline a fantastical, hypothetical club architecture, an imagined alternative to wherever the listener actually is. The producer explained his visual process to The FADER via email: "I like starting with a concept and limiting myself to working within limits of a certain sound palette," he explained. "Doing that creates a feeling that hopefully people can not only hear, but visualize." We think the finished product is right on the mark, and it definitely offers an intriguing space to live in—be sure to snag it along with the rest of the World Series LP01 compilation on London label Trax Couture.

Photo Credit: Jack Heffron

Posted: March 11, 2015
L.A. Producer Dreams Builds A Fantasy Club On “Terraform”