Phony Ppl’s Video For “helGa.” Is Adorable

The song is inspired by classic Nickelodeon cartoon Hey Arnold!

March 12, 2015

One of the funniest parts of Hey Arnold!, the classic Nickelodeon show about a sweet, affable kid growing up in the city, was the fact that the school bully Helga Pataki was totally obsessed with him. And it turns out that very storyline was the inspiration Phony Ppl used for "helGa.," a highlight from their new album Yesterday's Tomorrow. It's a smooth as hell funk jam with some of the most gorgeous arrangements we've heard so far this year.

The video, which is so adorable it hurts, shows a young boy sitting in class and daydreaming about the adventures he wishes he could have with the girl sitting in front of him. Thanks to the illustrations layered onto the scenes, we get to watch a playground transform into a boat and a crosswalk become a field of lava to hop over. We dare you to watch this video try not to feel a wave of nostalgia for your first crush.

Posted: March 12, 2015
Phony Ppl’s Video For “helGa.” Is Adorable