Weird Magic’s Purple Trax Label Shares An Appropriately Hazy Mix

Erez Avissar of Brooklyn blog Weird Magic turns in 90 minutes of purple-sounding beats.

March 12, 2015

With his multi-tasking Weird Magic project, Erez Avissar has been a fixture of the Brooklyn music scene for a few years now: he's best known for his psychedelic photography, alongside his on-point show promotion and mix curating. Considering how embedded he is in contemporary music, it makes perfect sense he'd eventually start a label, and in February Purple Trax was announced, along with a Kickstarter campaign for the vinyl release of an inaugural compilation featuring tracks by the likes of Huerco S, Aurora Halal, and Traxman. To mark the occasion, Avissar has put together a mix that materializes the Purple Trax aesthetic with an appropriately hazy set of tracks, moving from goopy house to swinging jungle beats and slowed-down footwork over an immersive 90 minutes. Check out his Rezzie originals in the mix below too, and read on for a short interview with the man himself.

What made you want to start a label? Being around so much talent and feeling the need to do something about it. Doing a blog post or putting it in a mix wasn't enough, I wanted to make it real. This seemed like an important next step. Also for myself, I wanted the right outlet for my own tunes I've been making. And for the artists, I really hope to open up opportunities and help build the careers of some friends who I know are onto something.

Tell us about this mix—what vibe were you going for? This mix showcases a bunch of unreleased/forthcoming Purple Trax material, including new tracks I've done recently with Jan and Sasha, and Terekke. I also nod to my ghetto house/Chicago influencers and a few contemporaries, friends and bits.

Why should people support the Purple Trax Kickstarter? I thought it would be cool to press the compilation to double-disc vinyl. So why not get everyone involved? We have tons of quality to drop and the cash would help press vinyls, throw a sick launch party, and roll out the first few releases. But then the digital route makes sense to me... experimenting always.

And finally, what makes a track purple? Has to be made of the finest and rarest gemstone. You see it or you don't... but you can hear it.


Wabi Sabi - Morph Into Ocean (Forthcoming Purple Trax)
Logan Takahashi - Chane
Rezzie - TCF Rmx
Wabi Sabi - Feeltrak (Forthcoming Purple Trax)
Gant-man - 3 Blind Mice
Rezzie - Jojo & Babsi
Sasha Jan Rezzie - Play Infinite (Forthcoming Purple Trax)
Sophie's Voice - Refresh
Wabi Sabi - Casper (Forthcoming Purple Trax)
Forest - Glasper
Wabi Sabi - Babi (Forthcoming Purple Trax)
Beta Librae - Birdi (Purple Trax)
Far Out - Culture (Forthcoming Purple Trax)
Dj Skip - Count On Me
Sasha Jan Rezzie - U No (Forthcoming Purple Trax)
Sasha Jan Rezzie - All My Dreams (Forthcoming Purple Trax)
Purple Krew X Samantha Urbani X Peshay - Don't Let Go (Forthcoming Purple Trax)
Traxman - Its Crack
Anthony Naples - El Portal
Rezzie - No Letting Go (Purple Trax)
Rezzie - Burnin (Purple Trax)
Rezzie - Get To Loving (Purple Trax)
Percussions - Khlhi
Rezzie - Luv2turn
Rivka - Basement Parties (Purple Trax)
Joe Jones - Watchinu (Forthcoming Purple Trax)

Posted: March 12, 2015
Weird Magic’s Purple Trax Label Shares An Appropriately Hazy Mix