Listen to Janis’ Aggressive New Track “You Can’t See Me”

The Frankfurt producer invites you to play a game of dancefloor hide-and-seek

March 16, 2015

Frankfurt-based producer Janis has shared his first release of 2015, the title track from his forthcoming EP. "You Can't See Me" is a gritty, synth-driven house track that builds into a helter skelter groove in its second half. Featuring a sensual guest vocal from Eva Kruijssen, "You Can't See Me" is a showcase of Janis' ability to weave club functionality and creative sound design into a single moody cut.

The House Is OK co-founder shared an insight into the process with the FADER. "The idea for "You Can't See Me" came up when I was recording vocals with Eva Kruijssen for some other track. When we started to record -- first take -- Eva was in the vocal booth and it was so dark in there, I couldn't see her. So I asked her to turn on the light and step towards the window. She just improvised and sang, 'You can't see me, I'm hidden in the darkness.' I never finished the other track." You Can't See Me EP is out March 23 on Tasteful Nudes.

Posted: March 16, 2015
Listen to Janis’ Aggressive New Track “You Can’t See Me”