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M.O Get Uplifting In Their Video For “Preach”

Watch the British girl group’s new video.

March 17, 2015

In the video for M.O's new single "Preach", cowritten with Joel Compass and Starsmith, the British trio are bringing back the heydays of the late 90's. Their moves are loose and fluid, their vocals honey smooth, over a hollow and tinkling beat reminiscent of early Timbaland. The girl group described the song and Kate Moross-directed video to FADER as "Uplifting, we were trying to tell people to stay true to themselves, not to get caught up in anyone else's game and never settle for something you don't feel 100% about! That's what we were trying to put out there - other people might be fine with being satisfied - it's like saying 'things are ok...' we want and need to feel more!"

Lead image: Helen Kirkbright

Posted: March 17, 2015
M.O Get Uplifting In Their Video For “Preach”