The Battle Over Drake’s Forthcoming Concert Film Is Getting Ugly

Trouble brewing for Drake after he disowns concert film.

March 17, 2015

UPDATE 3/18/15 10:48 p.m.: TMZ reports that Drake has been slapped with a lawsuit by the film distributor Specticast.

Yesterday, we reported that the forthcoming Drake concert film, Drake: Homecoming, was disowned by none other than Drake himself. But that's not the end of this story: The Los Angeles Times reports that the film's producers are not happy with Drake's attempts to distance himself from the film, largely because he signed a contract with the 2009 concert's promoters, Serious Entertainment, agreeing to the concert's filming and taking a $15,000 cash fee in exchange, along with 15% profit royalties involved with the project.

"I think he thought nothing was going to happen with the film," Attack Media chairman and the film's co-executive producer Mark Berry told the paper. "It's an issue of someone not honoring a contractual commitment to another person." Berry claims that Drake had several opportunities to purchase the footage back and declined, and that the rapper went as far to approve an early version of the film's trailer. The companies involved with the film are reportedly suing Drake for $15 million on libel charges.

For his part, Drake's standing by his story for now, claiming that he and Rap-A-Lot Records' James Prince are in agreement on the matter:

Lead image: Mark Metcalfe/Getty Images

The Battle Over Drake’s Forthcoming Concert Film Is Getting Ugly