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Lil Wayne Is Shopping A Tell-All Book

And the details so far are dishy as all hell.

March 20, 2015

When it comes to putting it all out there, Lil Wayne is going scorched-earth on motherfuckers these days. Never mind his highly publicized, very public legal battle with Birdman and Cash Money—now he's shopping a tell-all book to publishers, and it sounds dirty as all hell. TMZ picked up the proposal, and has provided one of the most salacious excerpts in which Drake apparently hooked up with Wayne's girlfriend while the latter was doing time in New York's Rikers Island on a gun possession charge. Pretty dishy stuff! Time will tell if the book actually ever comes out—wonder if Drake will comment on this coming to light, too.

Lead image: Anna Webber/Getty Images

Lil Wayne Is Shopping A Tell-All Book