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Check Out A Wild Two-Hour B2B Set From Jackmaster And Jasper James

Start your week off right with some body-moving music from the Scottish DJs.

March 23, 2015

You're gonna want to play this one loud: Scottish dance boys Jasper James and Jackmaster recently did a two-hour B2B set in their native Glasgow (as the title suggests, somewhere on the city's Mitchell Street locale), and it's worth rinsing 'til the day's end. Here's Jack explaining the origins of this one:

"I'd like to say there was some kind of concept, a loose idea or general plan behind this mix but naw. Me and Jasper had a wee (big) soiree at our gaff after the Numbers Boiler Room the other week and once the lightweights had left we hit the record button and played some music for a couple of hours. We do this quite a lot when we're inebriated and never end up sharing the results, but we liked this one. It's comes close to resembling a smooth House and Techno builder until I get carried away with the last tune which is kinda distorted. That's half down to the original Bill Withers recording and half down to the fact that by this time in the morning we were pretty far gone, the volume was up at 11 and we were dancing about the joint ready to go to the pub again. A liberal use of the high pass filter also reflects this.

Check Out A Wild Two-Hour B2B Set From Jackmaster And Jasper James