Jess Mills Returns As SLO With A Beautifully Subdued Video

The UK singer-songwriter gets the Zero 7 treatment.

March 25, 2015

UK singer-songwriter Jess Mills initially made a name for herself with widescreen, electro-styled pop singles like "Live For What I'd Die For" and "For My Sins" in 2011 and 2012, respectively, but since then she's taken a couple years off to retool her sound. Now she's back with a project called SLO, and lead single "Fortune" presents something a lot more minimal than her previous work, but arguably all the more powerful because of it. It was co-written and produced by Henry Binns from Zero 7, and features a soft arrangement of subdued guitars and electronics with her inspired, crystal-clear voice pushed to the very front.

The video, directed by UK-based graphic designer Kate Moross, maintains the theme of sparseness, and features a slowed, understated shot of Mills moving through space with a sheet of chiffon. "'Fortune' is about patience and the yearning for big changes: it's a song fantasizing about that moment of escape," Mills told The FADER. "It was really important to me that the song and visual felt symbiotic, so it was a privilege to work with Kate on it. I feel she managed to marry the heart of the song and the romance of Henry's production with her bold take on space and purity." Check out the video above, stream the track below, and be sure to snag the SLO EP when it drops May 4th.

Photo credit: Kate Moross

Posted: March 25, 2015
Jess Mills Returns As SLO With A Beautifully Subdued Video