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Find Yourself With Perdido Key’s “Lost Is Found”

Dance your night away with this DIY House music

March 27, 2015

When you listen to "Lost Is Found," just imagine yourself in a small Brooklyn DIY space with intoxicated dancing bodies by your side moving with the beat. Perdido Key consists of two producers in the heart of New York City's underground club scene. Their debut EP drops May 5th through Wonder Stories. The duo explained their song to FADER:

"'Lost Is Found' is an effort to portray the many aimless nights we've had roaming through Brooklyn's dingy back streets, looking for trouble in dark warehouses and DIY venues, knowing that sometimes it's good to be a bit adrift. The atmosphere of the track relates to the dense energy of New York City and how it envelopes you with a grimey, yet beautiful ambiance. We wanted the track to begin with an atonal uncertainty that slowly seeps into the listener's subconscious, while the energy of NYC comes across in the jacking house rhythms. We hope this track will be the counterpart to the dense fog of sweat that smacks you in the face the next time you walk into a small, dark, and completely packed basement club."

Find Yourself With Perdido Key’s “Lost Is Found”