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Flosstradamus And Floss Gloss Teamed Up On A Dreamy Nail Polish

It’s inspired by reflective sportswear (3M).

March 31, 2015

If their names didn't share their first five letters, it might seem random that Flosstradamus and Floss Gloss teamed up on a nail polish. Then again, the DJ duo has always shown an interest in alternative merch—they have their own street wear aesthetic and web store. Plus, the girlfriend of Curt Camerucci, Holly Falcone, is an editorial manicurist who's friends with Floss Gloss' Janine Lee and Aretha Sack. So the two sets of business partners collaborated on a pearly polish that's inspired by 3M reflective sportswear, the fabric that made up the suit Pharrell wore to this year's Grammys.

"1080Pearl is inspired by reflective sportswear (3M) and Flosstradamus and Holly originally really wanted that sort of effect," Janine says. "But when a 3M particle is not glowing in a flash photo the color looks like a dulled out grey. Not so cute. So with that in mind we switched it up from 3M and went with a white reflective crystal glitter particle brand new to the cosmetic glitter market. Something that looked good at a rave or at the office."

You can grab the polish at Floss Gloss for $13.

Flosstradamus And Floss Gloss Teamed Up On A Dreamy Nail Polish