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This Menswear Brand Is Trying To Make Respirators Cool

Meet the French-Canadian brand that’s making clinical chic happen.

April 01, 2015

Last week at Toronto's World Fashion Week, French-Canadian-based menswear line 3.Paradis took the clean sportswear aesthetic to clinical new heights with their fall collection, "0.4:Placebo." Designers Emeric Tchatchoua and Raymond Cheung presented tunic-length button downs and collarless lab coats in a muted palette of beige, black, white, and a bloodline of crimson injected here and there for good measure. They also accessorized key looks with detached respirators, driving home their medical influences. But even without the dramatic medical equipment, these modern separates look pretty chic. Check out some of the most infirmary-friendly looks below and peep the rest of the collection on Fucking Young.

Posted: April 01, 2015
This Menswear Brand Is Trying To Make Respirators Cool