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Listen To A New EP From Irish Producer The Cyclist

Stream the Cyclist’s wavy new EP, Hot House.

April 01, 2015

I've had my ears trained on Irish producer The Cyclist's rough-and-tumble techno for a minute or two now—specifically, ever since his quite excellent debut for Stones Throw and Leaving, 2013's Bones In Motion, a record that sounded like Boards of Canada trying their hand at deep-diving club music. His latest release is this brand spanking new EP, Hot House, set for release digitally April 6 (on vinyl April 13) via the awesomely-named label music/is/for/losers (the typically reliable 100% Silk will be putting it out on cassette in the U.S.)—and you can stream in full below.

"This EP is simply another attempt to get to that warmest side of electronic music," the Cyclist told FADER in an email. "Each track here had it's own unique process in it's production, but the over reaching goal was the same throughout, to blend the old and the new to find beauty in what many would call the imperfections of these sounds and production techniques. I think of my production style as the audio equivalent of a visual artist working with an uncommon or inconvenient material rather than a regular canvas."

Listen To A New EP From Irish Producer The Cyclist