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Matthew Herbert Remixes Danza Macabra’s “In For It”

Soak yourself in the calming rhythms of Herbert’s latest remix.

April 01, 2015

A calming rhythm continuously moves the listener forward in English electronic musician Matthew Herbert's remix of Danza Macabra's "In For it." He repeats the subtle motif of If I'm in for it, then I'm in for it in a way that alludes to the idea of reckless pleasures. "'In For It' represents the up to date Danza Macabra sound. There was a need to provide a reinterpretation from an artist whose remixes are very unpredictable and fresh," Danza Macabra exclusively told FADER. "Matthew Herbert, unique and prolific producer, was on 'remixer wishlist' for a long time and it was more then a good moment to call him to a remix duty. He used 80% of all parts from the original, re-edit them, kept the repetitive main vocal phrase in his mix and created a completely different song."

Matthew Herbert's newest album, The Shake, drops June 1st.

Matthew Herbert Remixes Danza Macabra’s “In For It”