The Best And Worst #Fashion April Fool’s Jokes

Can this day be over already?

April 01, 2015

As if the internet wasn't already dubious enough, today you have to go from mistrusting 25% of what you read online to a solid 75. This is especially true of fashion, which is particularly susceptible to lampooning. The best and the worst, the funny and painfully unfunny April Fool's #Fashion pranks, below.

1. The Ricardo Tisci x Nike Air Cast

#copordrop?: Riccardo Tisci x @nike Air Cast 1
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Hypebeast posted an Instagram of the latest iteration of the coveted Nike x Tisci collaborations: an air cast, done out in the Tisci color scheme, with a rubber outsole. Judging by the comments, loads of groggy early morning Instagrammers fell for it.

2. The Kanye West-designed waterbottle

"Hold onto your potatoes fanboys and fangirls," Complex's take on April Fool's goes. "Last night we received an email from someone named 'Y33zy Seezin' with the subject 'You gotta peep this' and a file containing a poorly recorded video. Fake AF.

3. Northwest got a Vogue cover!

No, she didn't. But good try! The custom Alexander Wang is cute, and Vogue Kids is a subscription we'd faithfully renew.

4. The YeezyJet Countdown

The supposed announcement for easyJet and Kanye's new collaborative airline. This one really took some investment, from the countdown to the press release complete with fake quotes. If Kanye was starting an airline, though, we all know its announcement would come in the form of a guest lecture at MIT. Duh.

5. Supreme x Vibram Five Fingers Collabo

Definitely a stronger effort than the Yeezy waterbottle, this time from Funny or Die, via Complex. The photoshop isn't the most fluid, but with a Supreme x White Castle collab apparently on the way, anything is possible.

6. The "Selfie Shoe"

Mashable got its hands on a winking video advertising the insane cousin of the already deranged selfie stick: the selfie shoe. You can watch the video, but the image really speaks for itself. Get it away.

Lead Image via Hypebeast

The Best And Worst #Fashion April Fool’s Jokes