Listen To Summer Heart’s Dreamy New EP

Thinkin of U is five tracks of lovely dream-pop.

April 06, 2015

I am a total and absolute sucker for any and all Swedish indie-pop, so this new EP from Summer Heart is just what I need as the snow starts to melt but my own complicated post-adolescent angst refuses to dissolve. (Gettin' real with you on a Monday—HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW?!) The Thinkin of U EP reminds me of the same soft-focus dreaminess that's come regularly from Labrador aesthetes like the Radio Dept. and the Mary Onettes—and the above official video for "Sleep," full of cloudy imagery, only strengthens that wistful connection.

"It had been a couple of incredibly hot days in London, I was on my way home and I really needed to get some rest," the band's David Alexander explained 'Sleep' to FADER thusly. "I was sitting at London Bridge Station waiting for a train when I got the idea for 'Sleep.' I pretty much made the track in my head. The next day I tried to record what I had in my head. I showed to song to my dad who came up with a couple of ideas for it and we did some changes to the track together. For the video I really wanted to work with Swedish director Jonas Börjesson at Video Dept. I love how he mixes simple images with volatile clips and colours. I think it suits the track perfectly and takes it to another dimension."

Listen to the full EP below and check out the band's tour dates, too.


4/09 - La Nuba, Paris. France
4/17 - Debaser, Stockholm. Sweden
4/30 - Poplands, Uppsala. Sweden
5/16 - The Alternative Great Escape, Brighton. UK
6/22 - Baby's All Right, NYC
6/23 - Pianos, NYC

Lead image: Linda Lomelino

Listen To Summer Heart’s Dreamy New EP