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Doldrums’ Video For “Loops” Is Weird As Hell


April 07, 2015

What in God's holy name is going on in the video for Doldrums' "Loops"? The Lily X-directed clip for the song from Doldrums' latest album, The Air Conditioned Nightmare (out today via Sub Pop) features a trove of trippy found-footage imagery that will damn near make your head explode—and it quite nicely fits the project's warped, melted-pop aesthetic. "I was first exposed to Lily X's work when I saw the 'Never Forever' film she made with Prince Rama," Doldrums' Airick Woodhead told FADER in an email about the video. "We ended up talking about what inspired us and had this really serendipitous conversation with both of us referencing all the same things - Buster Keaton and Fritz Lang, Bruce Bickford's claymation and other psychy/noir things. I used to make Doldrums' videos from collaging things together, so it's really cool and a big step forward to have this video with real actors and a real set while staying true to the aesthetic. Also the song "Loops" gets infinitely trippy when you listen to it a billion times. Lily was talking about and getting trapped in all kinds of Loops - the sun and moon narrative in the video, loops of love and loops of loops of loops."

Lead image: Angus Borsos

Doldrums’ Video For “Loops” Is Weird As Hell