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Listen To Steve Lawler’s Grooved-Out Azari & III Remix

Cowbell samples and vocal chops galore.

April 08, 2015

Influential Canadian house group and GEN F alumni Azari & III may have called it quits back in 2013, but that isn't stopping their legacy from having a life of its own. A recent string of new, official remixes of their hit "Reckless (With Your Love)" have been pulling the song back into club rotation, especially picking up traction in Miami. Today, tech-house don Steve Lawler has shared his own version of "Reckless," transforming the original's pop-centric approach into a dark and sensual affair.

"Being asked to remix an Artist like Azari & III will always come with a certain amount of pressure as you don't want to disappoint," Lawler told FADER in an email. "The original is already a great record so my plan was to do something different, make something a little more aimed at the dancefloor; something that was based around the groove more than the lead vocal." Definitely a success. Stream the new remix below.

Listen To Steve Lawler’s Grooved-Out Azari & III Remix