Bloody Beetroots Founder SBCR’s Video For “The Grid” Is Insane

Clearly he is not into turning down.

April 09, 2015

We loved Bloody Beetroots founder SBCR's batshit electro track "The Grid" when he released it in February. Now he's put out a video that, like the song, absolutely refuses to turn down. Director James Chappell told The FADER, "My intention with SBCR's 'The Grid' was to create a crazy, adrenaline-fueled action/thriller which takes the viewer on a roller-coaster ride of twists and turns and into a dark, shady underworld. SBCR's new track was the perfect musical inspiration for my idea, propelling the story forward at a breakneck speed and maintaining a frenetic energy right up until the climactic finale."

The set-up is classic action movie: man loves woman, gangsters kill woman, man goes on a no-holds-barred revenge mission. With his fierce facial expressions and relentless motions, actor Ty Douglas Linegar makes a compelling protagonist. Make sure to watch it all the way through so you don't miss the crazy ending.

Lead image: Neil Favila

Bloody Beetroots Founder SBCR’s Video For “The Grid” Is Insane