Hear A New Song From Braid’s Record Store Day 7”, “Kids Get Grids”

The emo pioneers are set to follow up last year’s comeback LP with a brand new release.

April 09, 2015

American emo legends Braid returned last year to break a 16-year silence with a new album, No Coast, that reminded people why people cared about Braid in the first place. And they're not stopping! On Record Store Day (that's April 18 this year), Topshelf will release a brand new 7" from the band, which features this solid new song backed by a cover of Broken Hearts Are Blue's "Because I Am." The band's Chris Broach wrote a short statement about the song to FADER and you can read that below:

"This is a song that we wrote while in the studio in Philly. Bob [Nanna] and I were just messing around getting guitar sounds and we came up with this chorus together. From there we wrote the rest of the song in about 30 minutes. Damon [Atkinson] came in and put down the drum parts and we laid down scratch guitar tracks. It was just one of those things that happened in the moment. We later laid down final guitar and bass tracks in Chicago along with the rest of the album."

"We had some extra lyrics lying around and we threw 'em together and it all came together in Chicago - Bob did the verse, I did the chorus, and we both sing the bridge together. The title of the song has to do with digital recording and how people move each hit of the drum and each note of the track to hit on the exact beat, instead of just feeling it. We were making a joke about 'nudging' a track and Will Yip [producer] said something like "kids get grids..." and that stuck as the name. The joke turned into a discussion about whether people actually have to be competent at playing their instruments or whether they can just move every note / hit to match a grid in Protools."

Lead image: Katie Hovland

Hear A New Song From Braid’s Record Store Day 7”, “Kids Get Grids”