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Listen To Looper’s Bittersweet “Outro (TipToe Home)”

The former Belle & Sebastian bassist finds his own way home.

April 09, 2015

Scottish indie vets Looper have revealed "Outro (TipToe Home) off of Offgrid:Offline. The melancholy lullaby alludes to life's bittersweet culminations—think Stranger Than Fiction or Little Miss Sunshine—and the inclination to cite cinematic references speaks to Looper's credits in high-profile films and commercials. Project head Stuart David told FADER via email, "'TipToe Home' is based on a little melody that recurs throughout the Offgrid:Offline album. It documents a time spent trapped in Dundee, and my overwhelming desire to escape."

Almost twenty years ago, Looper, initially composed of just former Belle & Sebastian bassist, Stuart David and his wife, Karn, formed to play at the Glasgow School of Art. Four albums later they give us These Things; a fully catalogued boxset that includes Offgrid:Offline. The collection has been curated into five discs: lexiphonics, kinokraft, voxtrot, transmitte and melos. Looper explains, "For us this box is a repurposed, recycled and renewed work – an attempt to make something new out of something old." Listen to the single above and These Things sampler here (pre-order here.)

Listen To Looper’s Bittersweet “Outro (TipToe Home)”