Here’s What People Are Tweeting About Coachella

“Bohemian,” “bikinis,” “stoked,” “fomo,” “hipster,” “selfie sticks,” and more.

April 09, 2015

Last year, Coachella was one of the most discussed music festivals on Twitter, and this year the fest's teamed up with Vine to make tweeting from the grounds easier than ever, with the installment of free public wi-fi inside of festival's beer garden and VIP areas. Ahead of Coachella 2015's opening weekend, Twitter's parsed their troves of data to see what folks tweeting about Coachella this year are actually tweeting about.

They have also ranked this year's billed artist by their twitter following. Amongst the top ten are FADER faves Drake (No. 1), Tyler, The Creator (No. 3), and Lil B (No. 8). Check out the rest of the top ten below:

Lead photo: Karl Walter/Getty Images

Here’s What People Are Tweeting About Coachella