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Hear Hudson Mohawke Drop All New Single “Ryderz”

Pullllll uuuppppppppp

April 13, 2015

Hudson Mohawke debuted "Ryderz" at FADER FORT, and it ripped a hole in the sky after three days of rain. We get a proper stream today via his latest set on Rinse FM, where HudMo wheeled up the soul-stirring D.J. Rogers intro before letting the track ride. It sounds like what would've happened if AraabMuzik and The Heatmakerz formed the super-producer group they should've, or maybe something Kanye might rap over in 2015 just to prove a point. Lantern drops June 16th and we can't wait either.

UPDATE: Here's exclusive footage of Hudson Mohawke debuting his latest single at FADER FORT by Converse.

Hear Hudson Mohawke Drop All New Single “Ryderz”