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Cold Mailman Premiere Cheeky Video For “Something You Do”

A cute and clever video for their intentionally cheesy song.

April 14, 2015

Today Norwegian synthpop quintet Cold Mailman have shared a clever and colorful visual for "Something You Do," the latest off their recently released LP, Everything Aflutter. Incessantly upbeat and borderline jingle-like, Ivar Bowitz tells us that "Something You Do" was inspired by a breakup and is supposed to be kind of cornball.

"After writing about a million songs about unrequited love, this was one of the first I wrote after entering a serious relationship," he says. "It deals with the fear of having nothing to write about in that situation. And the fear of being dumped. It's also about 'doing love' as opposed to feeling it. I think those potentially cheesy themes are underlined by a pretty cheesy adult contemporary sound heavily inspired by our heroes from the '80s."

And as for the video, it plays like a flipbook of colorful and provocative scenes—an egg that cracks to reveal green goo, a woman who opens her mouth to reveal a bright glow, a few sneak peaks of naked people. "It already feels like it's almost a part of the song," Bowitz says, "and the kind of video you just want to see again immediately after it's over."

Lead photo: Amalie Winther/Getty

Cold Mailman Premiere Cheeky Video For “Something You Do”