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Chill The Heck Out With Polish Duo Ptaki’s “Czuła Jest Noc”

Music to watch the world go by.

April 15, 2015

Ptaki is both Polish for "birds" and the name that Warsaw music producers The Phantom and Jaromir chose for their collaborative project. The duo make soothing sample-based beats using largely Eastern European sources, and they're currently getting ready to release their debut album Przelot in May. Opening track "Czuła Jest Noc," which means "tender is the night" in reference to F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, slides into the mind like a tall glass of water on a hot day. "'Czuła Jest Noc' is one of the very last tracks we finished for the album," Ptaki told The FADER. "It felt like a great summary of the record and the general attitude of our productions, hence it's the opening track. It's a collage piece of Baltic-influenced music that sets your mood right for the rest of the album." Polish label TRANSATLANTYK will release Ptaki's debut album next month.

Photo credit: Oliwia Szanajca-Kossakowska

Chill The Heck Out With Polish Duo Ptaki’s “Czuła Jest Noc”