How To Look Fly From Winter Through Spring

5 easy pieces for transitional dressing.

April 17, 2015

As the weather waxes and wanes between warm and humid and damp and freezing, there's a few essentials worth locking up now to save yourself a lot of grief. Find them in your closet, find them in a thrift store, or find them in our list below and get out of the house, regardless of the weather.

1. The Durable Light Jacket

Whether it's a cropped bomber, a nylon anorak, or something more avant-garde, a light-to-medium weight short jacket will carry you through to early summer. Seek out neutral colors, a roomy fit for under-layers, and waterproof materials for extra utility.

Topman ($85), Kith ($220), Assembly New York ($325)

2. The Bright Sneaker

Nothing says Spring better than eye-catching kicks, and everyone from Reebok to Opening Ceremony knows it. That means there's a lot to choose from, and nearly no risk of twinning on the subway.

Reebok ($74.99), Opening Ceremony x Vans ($120), Kenzo ($230)

3. The Graphic Button-Down

It's easy to resort to heavy white t-shirt rotation once it's warm out, but it's really no effort to keep thing interesting once your sweater comes off with a breezy, graphic button-down.

ASOS ($40), Cos ($79), Band of Outsiders ($255)

4. The Eye-Catching Layer

Hot in the bright morning light, cold af in the evenings, rainy and muggy—transitional weather is essentially impossible. Grab a good-looking pullover just in case a light jacket isn't enough to get you through the day.

Kith ($110), Stone Island ($178), Undecorated Man ($305)

5. The Cropped Pant

Whether we're talking joggers, cropped chinos or rolled-up jeans, pants that stop just above the ankle are good for any weather while letting you show off your spring kicks.

Cheap Monday ($90), Soulland ($145), Kith x Ones Stroke ($190)

Lead Image: Christopher Furlong / Getty Images

How To Look Fly From Winter Through Spring