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Stream Deadboy’s Atmospheric New EP, White Magick, In Full

The London producer steps up his game on new release for Local Action Records.

April 20, 2015

Forward-thinking London producer Deadboy has unveiled his latest release White Magick via Local Action Records. Released almost exactly a year after we premiered his last EP Return, White Magick marks a new level of maturation for Deadboy. On the title track from Return, he showed he was capable of lushness; now on White Magick, songs like "Rye Angel" and the fittingly named "I Will Let His Ocean Flow Through Me" suggest that he's allowed that penchant for atmospherics to take the lead. Club heads needn't panic, though: "Copwar" and "Sad Sniper" have some bite to them. Stream White Magick in its entirety below, and read an interview about Deadboy's myriad influences, his desire to leave London and—what else—4/20.

What does this EP mean to you? This record is a bit more like a place or an environment than my other records. It's a paradise garden for hasheeshian initiations.

What informs your sonic palette, and how has that evolved over the years? Everything. With this record I guess there is more of an influence from 1970s and 1980s synthesizer music, new age, krautrock, spiritual jazz and that sort of thing.

Where's the best place to dance to music in London right now and why? I'm still looking for it. My favorite place recently was an illicit venue up a lift but of course it's being shut down and sold, probably for luxury apartments. London is being strangled by property developers. I'm trying to get everyone to leave and start up somewhere else. Why should we stay here and provide London with all its art and culture if it's just gonna screw us, shut down all our spaces, and price us out.

And finally, how will you be celebrating 4/20? Well, I'm seven days into a weed detox—one more day and it all leaves the body apparently, so we'll see what happens. Maybe I'll get into stocks and shares.

Lead image: Liam Ricketts

Posted: April 20, 2015
Stream Deadboy’s Atmospheric New EP, White Magick, In Full