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Eternal Summers’ “Gold And Stone” Is Reliably Great

The jangly Virginia trio premieres the title track from their new LP.

April 20, 2015

Virginia trio Eternal Summers have been recording sad, sweet, and reliably great dream-pop songs for most of this current decade. Their songs have evolved over the years, from sparse to huge-sounding and back again, and "Gold and Stone"—the title track from their new full-length for Kanine—possesses the jangly elegance that defines the band's best work.

The song, which vocalist Nicole Yun says "deals with the conflicting forces of self-image, insecurity and egotism," was written a while back, and is technically an outtake from their 2012 record, Correct Behavior. "In a soul-searching moment while writing for the new album, our drummer Daniel really prodded the band to revamp the song and try it again," Yun told The FADER over email. "This album hints at a lot of the early influences of the band, so bringing this older song back to life was fitting." Gold and Stone officially drops June 2nd.

Eternal Summers’ “Gold And Stone” Is Reliably Great