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NYC Duo Louis York Celebrate Clair Huxtable In Debut Video

“Sexy and smart can co-exist.”

April 20, 2015

In their behind-the-scenes careers, songwriter Claude Kelly and producer Chuck Harmony have between them racked up credits for everyone from Britney to Bruno Mars, and Rihanna to Mary J. Blige. But now the two have joined forces as Louis York and their debut single happily strays from the conventional pop song. Titled "Clair Huxtable," it's a celebration of The Cosby Show character: a strong, smart and elegant woman. "CLAIR HUXTABLE isn't just a TV icon, she's a lifestyle," Louis York told The FADER. "With all these one dimensional portrayals of woman we get force-fed, it was time to remind ourselves and whoever hears the song that 'hot' can mean more. This song and video are a loud Louis York memo that sexy and smart can co-exist." It's not the way she styles her hair, or the designer clothes she wears/ Her silhouette's one of a kind, but most of all she's got a beautiful mind, sings Kelly, but sadly all the girls they run into in the video have got something else on their mind.

Posted: April 20, 2015
NYC Duo Louis York Celebrate Clair Huxtable In Debut Video