10 Things To Watch On Netflix When You’re High

Movies and shows to blow your mind, but not your high.

April 20, 2015

It's officially 4/20, and also the opening day of The FADER's first-ever Weed Week. If you're plans for the evening include anything more elaborate than taking a puff (or two, or 20), scrutinizing Seamless for grub, and pulling up a movie or TV show on Netflix—you're probably doing it wrong. Here's 10 of our favorite streaming picks that pair great with green; they range from visually striking to creepy to just pure LOL. (Full disclosure: they're great if you're not high, too.)

1. David Attenborough: Wildlife Specials watch

There is nothing more astounding, humbling, and inspiring than nature—especially when you're a lil' high. When you're stuck in the city, rest assured that the soothingly voiced British naturalist David Attenborough has your back. Stick the humpback whale episode on and get ready to be blessed.

2. The Twilight Zone, Season 1 — watch

By the end of the '50s, McCarthyism had settled in as a core principle of American nationalism, and the later seasons are all about war and foreign invaders and there's at least one episode where a dude actually wakes up as Adolf Hitler. But the first season of The Twilight Zone was still whimsical and wide-eyed, taking normal people and dropping them into extraordinary circumstances.

3. You're Nextwatch

Somewhere between The Strangers and The Last House On The Left is You're Next, a surprisingly fun home-invasion indie with lots of stylish, OH SHIT death scenes and a hyper-resourceful final girl. There's a memorable scene featuring Dwight Tilley's feel-good song "Looking For The Magic," which is an ideal time to light up a spliff—before things go south.

4. Strange Dayswatch

This movie is basically Black Mirror before Black Mirror. It's a cyber-themed thriller that's both intense and comically '90s at the same time. Plus, Angela Bassett slays.

5. Galaxy Quest — watch

Forgot how insanely quotable Galaxy Quest is until we watched it again recently. Sigourney Weaver and Alan Rickman are on their A game, and it marries sci-fi action and absurdist humor beautifully.

6. Enter The Void — watch

The trippiest drug movie of the last 25 years is, paradoxically, also kind of an anti-drug movie: Gaspar Nøe's confounding, often infuriating, utterly sublime exploration of death's infinite meaninglessness follows a small-time drug dealer's soul after he's murdered by cops in the bathroom of a Tokyo club.

7. A Different Worldwatch

It's so good that binging can be sickening, like eating too much ice cream at once. Again, the first season of this Cosby Show spin-off is most rewarding, mainly because Lisa Bonet only lasted one season before having little Zoë, but late-series cameos from Tupac to Kriss Kross are well well worth the investment.

8. Stranger by the Lakewatch

This is probably the most sexually explicit murder mystery you'll ever see, but that's not the most notable thing about it: every single scene in this 2014 French psychological thriller was filmed on and around a beach, which gives even its most nail-biting moments a lulling, dreamy, meditative quality.

9. The Inbetweenerswatch

Wildly funny British comedy about four foul-mouthed, girl-crazy high school outcasts and their various miserable, hard-to-watch exploits. MTV tried and failed to recreate the cringe-worthy chemistry for American audiences.

10. Bellywatch

You might have distinct memories of watching a bootleg copy of Belly for the first time in your cousin's bedroom on a Saturday night. You hadn't learned how to smoke properly yet, and you remember feeling like the opening scene—with its frenetic pace and sleek black lights—was equally jarring and enticing. Years later, you've probably gained a new appreciation for the hyper-saturated cinematography and how it truly comes to life after a few hits of Blue Dream.

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