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Listen To Lindstrøm’s Remix Of Charli XCX’s “You”

Hans-Peter gives Charli’s Gold Panda-sampling song the space disco treatment.

April 22, 2015

Renowned DJ Bill Brewster is back with the latest edition of his very reliable Late Night Tales: After Dark series; this one's subtitled Nocturne, and will see release on May 11 via Late Night Tales' own label. Along with the typically exquisite mixing and rare cuts tucked within, this edition also features some sick exclusives—including this previously unreleased remix of Charli XCX's Gold Panda-sampling "You," done up by none other than space disco god Hans-Peter Lindstrøm. Here's Brewster himself to explain how this one came to land on his latest comp:

"I'm not sure why, but this brilliant Lindstrøm remix has never been released. Maybe the label didn't like it? Anyhow, having emailed Hanspeter and got no reply (the heartless bastard), I figured the only way I'm going to get a copy to play is if I license it, so here we are. One of the most exciting British artists, remixed by one of Norway's best. Result: match made in heaven ha ha ha."

Listen To Lindstrøm’s Remix Of Charli XCX’s “You”