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17 Music Festival Fans On How To Deal With A Dying Phone

Festivals eat battery life for breakfast—but this year’s Coachella fans had this #firstworldproblem on lock.

April 23, 2015

Coachella might be the most Instagram-baiting festival in the world, with its parade of surprise guests, flashy art works, and backdrop of palm trees and mountains. But for all its visual charm, it's hellish if you want to actually share pictures of it with anyone. Even with this year's offering of free wi-fi, successfully posting a photo meant draining your phone in the process. Of course, for some, attending a music festival is better done without a phone. During the first weekend of Coachella, Jack White summed up that sentiment during his headlining set, telling the crowd, "Put your fucking cell phones down for five seconds." To find out how much the average Coachella attendee relied on their phone, we asked the crowd what they'd do with the last 5% battery.

Lead photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

17 Music Festival Fans On How To Deal With A Dying Phone