Galimatias And Alina Baraz Debut “Can I”

Another sweet song off the Ohio singer-songwriter and Danish producer’s forthcoming joint album.

April 23, 2015

Nearing just as the days have begun to grow longer and warmer, Danish producer Galimatias and the angel-voiced Ohio singer Alina Baraz's dreamy collaborative album Urban Flora is out May 19 by way of Ultra Records. Today they are premiering a new song off the project called "Can I"; like "Fantasy" before it, it's a gentle wash of coos and sultry sonics that is ever so often stirred by heavier drums and a looping vocal sample that goes undress you, undress you.

Interestingly, Galimatias says that he was thinking about hip-hop—classic 90's Pete Rock sample-based beats in particular—when he conceived of the song's sound structure. "I've always been inspired by hip-hop and I feel like it's reflected in tracks like this as it is in essence the same 4-bar chord progression, but with a heavy focus on sound design to add elements that'll keep it engaging throughout," he explained over email.

Of the two's collective process, he added: "'Can I' actually started with the chorus which is based on a vocal sample from 'Pretty Thoughts.' Alina then wrote the verses that opened up for more interpretations. Ultimately I would rebuild the instrumental side of the verse around Alina's voice. I wanted to enhance this soft, alluring vibe she created, while the chorus is more contrasting with hard-hitting drums. I love to work like that, having a motive in the frame so to say, cause then I can really focus on the background around it."

Urban Flora arrives May 19 on Ultra Records.

Galimatias And Alina Baraz Debut “Can I”