Iron Curtis’ “You Are” Is The Week’s Most Gorgeous House Song

Check out the new cut from UK label Hudd Traxx’s 10th anniversary compilation.

April 23, 2015

UK label Hudd Traxx is ringing in ten years of glorious existence with a four-part compilation 10 Years of Hudd Traxx; the first installment drops May 4 on vinyl (May 25 for all you digital heads) and features cuts from house fiends like Chez Damier, Tomson, and Iron Curtis, who contributes this lovely, endless-sounding floor jam "You Are."

"'You Are' is based on a jam I did with my first ever synth (a Yamaha DX 7 II FD which I got from my friend René aka Pillowdiver)," Iron Curtis told FADER in an email. "The Rhodes sample is a multi-layer recording with DX 7 presets (which René had programmed/modified geniusly) and so is the short Organ stabs. All these beautiful presets are gone due to an internal battery malfunction. And ever since, they are truly missed....I remember that the whole track came together so easily - and to be frank, I sometimes miss these days of working on music so innocently: No pressure, no reference, just messing around and not giving a single fuck (the latter may explain the bad mixdown of the track's first version)."

Lead image: Herr Müller

Iron Curtis’ “You Are” Is The Week’s Most Gorgeous House Song