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Watch The Video For YAST’s Awesome “When You’re Around”

A simple visual for a deceptively brilliant Swedish indie song.

April 27, 2015

When I wrote about Swedish indie outfit YAST's "When You're Around" last month, I noted its tricky contradictions—specifically, that it sounds like classic Swedish indie-pop, filtered through 1990s American indie affectations, the affectations of which are currently having a little revival of their own in Europe. In other words, "When You're Around" is deceptively, winsomely brilliant, and now we have a video for it, in which the band members just chillax on their own terms—drinking wine, riding around on a moped, and so forth. "'When You're Around' was the last song we wrote before the recording of our new album started," the band tells FADER in an email. "It's a song about answered love, for once. Our last album was a collection of recordings we had made over about two years but this time we were in Studio Möllan and recorded with with Emil Isaksson with Joakim Lindberg in the producer chair, for two weeks straight and recorded the whole thing. More synthesizers, more guitar and more of everything this time!"

YAST's new album is out this fall.

Lead image: Tobias Wildman

Watch The Video For YAST’s Awesome “When You’re Around”