Earl Sweatshirt Just Shared New Music Dedicated To His Mom


Photographer Michael Schmelling
April 28, 2015

This afternoon Earl Sweatshirt shared a recording called "Solace" that he describes in the YouTube description as being "from when i hit the bottom and found something." Ten minutes and several movements, it's mostly sort of ambient instrumentals with some spoken word sections, including one that begins: Late for everything, my face to my cement/ That's how I always seen in.

Earl briefly mentioned the project's existence in an interview with NPR's SoundCheck at the end of March, during which he described it as something his mother, whose "main concern is that [he is] transparent" with himself, would appreciate:

I'm more or less just transitioning into being able to make some s—- that I could show my mom. Cause even this s—-? Like, I could show my mom and she f—-s with it. But I still got to cringe a little bit cause it's rough, you know. It's still the Babylon months so it's still like — but it's honest so she can't be — you know, it's clear. That's all my mom — her main concern is that I'm just transparent with myself. Just self-awareness.

So, like, yeah. I got one though. I'm sitting on one. We set up a studio at my house and I did a little project real real fast. It's called Solace. And that, I'm just sitting — it's more for my mom.

Earl Sweatshirt Just Shared New Music Dedicated To His Mom