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Lil B Was Allegedly Robbed Of $10,000 By Hotel Staff

Task force assemble.

April 28, 2015

Lil B is a beacon of positivity, but like everyone else he has his breaking point. Today that came when he was allegedly robbed of $10,000 by staff at the airport Red Lion Hotel in Oakland. Lil B tried resolving the missing money with the hotel manager but when that didn't prove to be effective, he took to Instagram to get the word out.

"NEWS: red lion hotel staff at oakland airport stole $10,000 dollars from Lil B room and refuses to help!," wrote Lil B. "Lets take this to corperate! No more hotel staff thiefs! This manager at red lion refuses to help Lil B ??? She and another staff member said they went to lil b room!! Who has Lil B money???! Protect Lil B! Collect and spread around to find truth the woman on video is the hotel manager who refuses to help she has info who stole lil b money!" His request is working as the task force has already left their mark on the hotel's Yelp page, leaving reviews like "Don't stay here unless you can afford a $10K hotel room!" If Lil B was ever going to remix Rihanna's recent single, now would be the perfect time.

Lil B Was Allegedly Robbed Of $10,000 By Hotel Staff