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No, Tidal Didn’t Raise Their Prices

But here’s why they’re higher on Apple’s App Store.

April 29, 2015

UPDATE 4/29/15 4:38 p.m.: Confused? We are too, but a rep has provided further explanation: "Apple's policy is to charge TIDAL subscribers a 30% fee on your monthly subscription, for the life of your subscription, if you activate your subscription through the TIDAL app on your iPhone that you have just downloaded. You can easily get the $9.99 or $19.99 pricing by first creating your TIDAL account through, then go to the App Store to download the TIDAL app. Once it's downloaded you simply hit "Login" instead of "Sign Up" and you will be in the correct pricing plan."

Word's been going around that Tidal raised their subscription prices, and the confusion is understandable: although the website is still offering the originally announced subscription plans of $9.99 (for Tidal Premium) and $19.99 (for Tidal HiFi), attempting to sign up for the service on the mobile app tells a different story:

Great, all of you know my battery life right now. I'm just trying to live my life out here! Anyway: seems sus, but apparently there's an explanation for all of this. A Roc Nation rep claims that the price of the subscription through the mobile app is directly related to markups regulated in Apple's App Store, but that the subscription prices still remain the same on Tidal's main site. OK! There you have it.

Lead image: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

No, Tidal Didn’t Raise Their Prices